I am here to connect with people 55 plus

so that they gain the information 

they are seeking about cannabis

that no one they speak with 
 knows to tell them,

even if asked.




Were you born before 1966?


Are you interested in learning about how smoking cannabis can improve your health?

Would you like to experience a couple of hours having an open, honest,

informative and confidential conversation

where you have your questions answered about

the who, what, where, when and how of cannabis?

Do you desire to connect with an experienced, knowledgeable, aging hippie (born 1956)

who is known for her

intelligence, integrity, authenticity, humor

and a deep desire to help people help themselves

so that they achieve what they truly desire? 

Are you seeking excellent health as you age

and are interested in adding in smoking cannabis?



I know a lot about cannabis.  I first smoked in 1968.  I have smoked regularly since 1976.  


I have questioned if I am an addict, dependent or just "a stoner",

but have come to understand how all of that is untrue.  


I know now that smoking cannabis is a part of my overall commitment

and focus on living a healthy life.  

I have spent the past four years reading and speaking with people in all areas of the cannabis industry.  

I have attended hearings in multiple states on cannabis legalization.  

I have spoken at rallies in favor of legalization.


I have been honored to be selected as a Judge (2019 and 2020) 

at The Harvest Cup, THE cannabis convention and competition in New England.  

I am educated on: 

The science (yes, there is 50 years of science from Israel).

 The laws as they are changing.

 Where to buy cannabis flower.

How to get a medical license and how to use it.

How to smoke cannabis flower three ways (joint/pipe/bong).


Why smoke cannabis now?  



that are nutrients for our bodies ENDOCANNBINOID SYSTEM.


We need cannabinoids to complete our basic human functions. 

The body has many different cannabinoid receptors.

They’re in the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems, and even in our cartilage. 

One of the primary receptors that has been researched is known as CB1.

We have many CB1 receptors in our brains. T

he receptors known as CB2 are more abundant in places like the immune system.

However, both receptors are found throughout the body.

Collectively, these receptors are known as the endocannabinoid system.*

Isn't smoking cannabis unhealthy?

Smoking cannabis is not the same as smoking a tobacco.  

Tobacco is filled with extremely dangerous chemicals.

You can find chemical free cannabis in the US.  

I do not know where you could buy a chemical free tobacco.  

Smoking cannabis flower is the most easily metabolized way of putting cannabinoids into your body

because the body's responses are immediate in onset

and can be adjusted for desired results in real time.  One puff at a time.

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Photo of woman sitting on ledge in the Caribbean.

Joanne Dougan     

Smoking a huge joint

St. Lucia, 1979