Plan C Strategies

1.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Your primal brain is seeking threats to survival constantly

and creates outsized reactions to perceived threats.  

When this happens, breathing in and out

slows down the entire nervous system

allowing your brain to return to  intelligent thought.  

2.  Smile.  

Smiling increases serotonin and sends it throughout your body.  

Serotonin makes you feel good.  

One of my standard lines:  Want to feel better? Smile. 

Especially when you don't feel like it.

3.  It is not what's happening that is your problem.  It's how you are handling what is happening that is either your problem OR your solution.

The only way change happens is by 

taking personal responsibility.

4.  Identify and define your values.

Your values are your authentic self.

5.  All your actions -- all that you say and do -- are based on your values.

This reflection point starts and ends everything.  Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs change your experience.

The Story Of

Plan C Strategies



Plan C Strategies was born from my own need and desire to figure out a simple set of THOUGHTS that I could use when I was in the middle of a really bad period in my life.  


I knew about the breathing so I was doing that.   


The smiling came to me after looking in the mirror one day and seeking an Old Scary Woman looking back at me and I realized it was ME!  I smiled at myself and felt better, did some research and BAM.  Smiling became a part of my healing.  

I've always known about personal responsibility and believe it is where real change happens.

It was focussing on my values and my actions, e.g. what I did and what I said, that began to make everything clear to me as to how I wanted to handle the stresses of my life.  

My values and my actions guided me to realize how I wanted to be a parent and how I wanted MY family to relate. Not what was cool or what other people did or what other people thought or what other people told me to do or what books told me to do....but who I wanted to be with my specific family in the reality of the life that we are living.

Since then, I have shared Plan C Strategies with 100's of people who have found that when they commit to the concepts, their entire experience of life shifts dramatically for the better.  

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