2020 is the time

to get higher prosperity

than you ever imagined

Are you an entrepreneur who goes to networking events,

yet desire something "different"

where everyone benefits at every meeting?

Join 10 people

Every other Wednesday for lunch

Deep conversation

3 Members Present 30 Minutes




brain storming



Led by Joanne Dougan, M.Ed., a master group leader whose techniques allow people to achieve what they truly desire!

Sample Meeting Experience

11:30 - 12


Begin with Lunch and open conversation 


12:30 - 1 

Member Presentation: James is focussed on his website and wants feedback, editing and advice


Member Presentation:  Susie is focussed on her emailing campaigns and wants advice and contacts.

1:30 - 2

Member Presentation: Larry is focussed on balancing his family and business and wants to do  breathing and stress reduction exercises.

2 - 2:30 Collective Pot Distribution (see below)

$100./per month


2 meetings per month

a delicious, healthy lunch

in an inspiring private home 

 $25./month (of your $100.)

goes into

The Collective Pot

for funding requests

by members*

* The Collective Pot will be open once a month for members to make requests for funding for a project they are working on.  


$25. every month of your fees will be able to be used by everyone in the group!  10 members = $250. month added into the Collective Pot every month!  Distributions made once a month!