Achieve What You Truly Desire: First Thing First

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

There is often that thing, that one thing, that goal that appears to be just around the corner. People often keep on doing whatever they are doing to create that goal and make it a reality (typical advice: spend all your time working....who needs even more and harder....). Or they do exactly the OPPOSITE of what they have been doing, thinking that maybe that will be the shift that is needed that will make it all fall into place (typical advice: let it go....relax....don’t try so hard....)

The point is: they do what it is that they think they should do in order to achieve what it is that they believe they truly desire.

If you are in the place in your life where you are really working hard — or hardly working, but thinking about “it” a lot — and you haven’t yet achieved “it”....

Breathe in....breathe ask yourself:

This thing I want to achieve....what is it really that I want to achieve?

Go deep. The answer is not the simple one; a job; a lover; money; fame; a location....

It is about WHO ARE YOU? As a human being in the 21st century?

What words below apply to you??????